Do you beat the market?

Calculates the development in your portfolios since any given date (after 1/1-2000) and allow you to compare it to indices such as OMX20, Nasdaq, Nyse etc. Includes currency fluctuations in calculations.

Status newsletters

If you don’t want to check the app every day, you can schedule daily and weekly reports, which tell you through e-mail or push message how your portfolio is developing.

Web access

Follow your portfolio from your browser www.thestockportfolio.com

Supported markets

Current stock quotes for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, USA and Canada. View markets


Register profit, yields, taxes etc and it’s included in the development calculation.


Receive alerts via push-notifications and emails. Choose between cross-price and trailing stoploss alerts.
Monitor single stocks or entire portfolios

Export to Excel

Use the spreadsheet to do see how the app calculates and do further calculations or tax calculations.


Released on November, 2019


– Bugfixes

Released on August, 2018


– New markets added: Canada, Belgium, France, Sweden: NGM (Nordic Growth Market) + Aktietorget
– Bugfixes

Released on February, 2017


– Major performance/calculation optimization
– Export to Excel
– Bugfixes

Released on August, 2016


– Automatic brokerage fee calculation
– Optionally set precise exchange rate when buying/selling
– Sort stocks in the portfolio view – by column or drag/drop
– Bugfixes

  • Version 2.6

    – Financial Calendar – Dates of shareholders meeting, accounts etc.
    – Austrian Stocks – Vienna Stock Exchange has been added
    Released on March, 2016

  • Version 2.5

    – New main menu – open by swiping right
    – Favorites – mark any stock as favorite for quick access.
    – Color themes – choose between three color themes.
    Released on February, 2016

  • Version 2.4

    – New user signup/login functionality
    – New reset password functionality
    Released on December, 2015

  • Version 2.3

    – Finnish stocks
    – Faster quote updates
    Released on August, 2015

  • Version 2.2

    – Stock quantity as decimal number
    – Missing colors on Moving average popup
    – Transactions sort order
    Released on July, 2015

  • Version 2.0

    – It’s become even easier to avoid losses. The Portfolio Monitor will automatically monitor entire portfolios and alert when stocks drop or Death Cross/Golden Cross occurs.
    – Overlay Simple Moving Averages curves on the details graph.
    – See all notifications in the message center or receive them in the daily/weekly status reports
    – RSI (Relative Strength Index) in stock details.
    Released on December, 2014

  • Version 1.9

    – Get overall status of all portfolios.
    – Ability to add shares in the same company.
    – Recent news on companies.
    – Links to external resources with additional information on each company.
    – Use percent arrow as update-button
    Released on August, 2014

  • Version 1.8.x

    – Now also stocks from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain
    – Bugfixes
    Released on June, 2014

  • Version 1.7

    – Compare the development in your portfolio with the development in global indices such as Nasdaq, Dax, C20 and more
    – Receive daily/weekly status rapports via push-notifications and mail
    – Bugfixes
    Released on May, 2014

  • Version 1.6.1

    – Show development graph as total of entire portfolio
    – Change the currency of an existing portfolio
    – Added Aktietorget stocks
    – Bugfix: Note on deposit can be edited
    Released on February, 2014

  • Version 1.5

    – Exchange profit / loss are automatically calculated when selling stocks in foreign currency
    – Partial sale of stocks
    – Lots of new stocks (S&P500, Firstnorth etc)
    – Distribution graph – Stocks in same company are added.
    – Bugfixes
    Released on January, 2014

  • Version 1.4

    – Better performance.
    – Historical data back to 1. january 2000
    – Link from alert to stock
    Released on December, 2013

  • Version 1.3

    – Account – Transactions enables the app to register profit/loss (and other income/expenses). Which can be included when calculating the protfolio progess.
    – Improved search – search among all available shares
    – Several bugfixes
    Released on September 11th, 2013

  • Version 1.2

    – Several bugfixes
    – Password protect login
    Share portfolios between devices (Also between IOS/Android)
    – Display portfolio progression from a specific date
    Swipe between pages
    New Date selector
    Released on May 21th, 2013 (Android)

  • Version 1.1

    – Setting that allows text-keyboard in decimal-fields (Android Samsung Problem)
    Several bugfixes
    – Foreign stocks
    Currency per portfolio
    Add note to stock
    Add note to portfolio
    Translated to english, swedish, german, (+ danish)
    Released on April 9th, 2013

  • Version 1.0.2

    – Bugfixe Push notifications
    – Initial release for iOS
    Released on February 10th, 2013

  • Version 1.0.1

    – Initial release for Android
    Released on January 22nd, 2013

  • Version 1.0.0

    – Internal release version
    Internal version finished on December 18th, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

– Insert the same email and password on the other device that needs to get access to the portfolio.
– Accept that the existing portfolio is overritten.
– Click ‘remember password’ or remove password in settings if your don’t want to login later.

Insert your email and password in settings on the device that contains the portfolio you want to share.

Here is a list of all available stocks. If you still miss a stock, then contact us.

The goal of the App’s is to give an complete overview of how your portfolios develops over time. To get the full picture, it is necessary to track all expenses and income e.g. losses when selling, dividends and fees etc. When you sell a particular stock, the app will automatically register the gain or loss you incurred based on the selling price. This and other transactions will be tracked only when “Include Account” is activated in settings.

The price of a paper is not completely unambiguous, since there will typically span between offer price and bid price. Also the time delay can vary between sources. If you find major divergence in a stock price , please contact us.

The portfolio account can be used to track cash holdings (funds in your account) and the end-result (surplus/deficit). By creating a Transfer in transaction, you can adjust the account balance without changing your end of year results.
Green/red account postings contribute to the assessment of your portfolio’s results, while grey items will only impact the account balance.


Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.